On-Site Waste Rendering with Cannabis Waste Solutions

Count on Us to Remove All Materials From Your Location

Cannabis Waste Solutions has been in the environmental waste business for over 15 years, we are the experts at providing solutions to your complex waste problems.

  • Plants and trimmings, including stems and leaves
  • Soil and growth mediums
  • Rejected products such as oils, waxes, and cartridges
  • Used solvents and reagents
  • Edible byproducts waste
  • Expired goods and contaminated displays
  • Other contaminated materials

Consult With Us Throughout Your Production Processes

Cannabis Waste Solutions can help you meet your state license requirements through a host of services, including the creation of thoroughly documented waste management plans (such as SOP) certificate of compliance along with a free site evaluation that are specific to your site and processes.

We also provide consulting services that will help you stay in compliance with the laws regarding cannabis production, waste control, recycling, and other environmental and industrial issues.